Christmas Fire App Reviews

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I really enjoy the fire, and this is an amazing app, if it worked!! I can turn the noise of the fire own and off but music will not play!

Sound isn't relaxing at all!!!

It's more of popping or even marbles being dropped on the floor than an actual fire crackling... Not relaxing at all. Very disapointed. :(

Nice App!

Nice Animation and wonderful Christmas Songs, very relaxing, maybe a volume control for the fire would be good but other than that a pretty sound app. Somebody said 'The music sounded tinny and like a digital watch' that is just not true, the sound is as good as tracks on a CD. I have this on my desk at work while I'm working, I hope they release a version for the iPad as this would be even better on a bigger screen.

Don't buy this

Absolute garbage - its just a photo with some bad flames on it. Animation is poor. The music is tinny and sounds like a digital watch. And "Away in a manager?" - Yep, its even got spelling mistakes in it. Class

Good idea, but...

The only issue I have with this app is that I wish there was a volume control for the fire sound. I was expecting the fireplace sound effects to be more like background for the music, but the crackling noise is just as loud (if not louder) than the music. Otherwise, I think this is a great idea.

Great app

Don't know where the idiot gets off saying too many religious songs I mean after all it is a Christian if you're atheist and don't like then go find something else to celebrate.

Nice app

Very relaxing. Good music.

dont buy

I was excited to get this app, the thought of a fire burning with christmas music. i was so disappointed. the fire looks totally fake and doesnt change, and the music was not that good, i deleted this after the first use. dont buy or take even if free.


Four stars for the fireplace. It would be 5 with a bit more if a selection of songs. It's only the religious songs except for one. Yes it would be better if songs from the iPod could be added. The crackling of the fire is super.

Chirstmas fire

Good app and fun. It is a good app and warms winter up.

Nice app

I like the music and fireplace. I would like it a lot more if it had a choice of a fireplace or images that would rotate like a screen saver.

Fun Christmas App

Good selection of music, recorded by a quality orchestra. I like that you can turn off the "crackling fire" sound, but would have like the ability to just control the volume of it. Very nice to have aorund this time of year.


After the most current update, how do I use my own music? The update description mentioned this as a new feature. I love the look and sound of the fireplace. So cozy and cute! If I could have anything added to this app, it would be a way to hide all of those many, many icons that are located on the right side of the screen! Also to hide the song title as well 

Cool App

I like the update but there is no direction's on how to use your own music.

Christmas Fire

Love this application!! Wonderful for those holiday buffs.

Not really worth it.

This is sweet but after 10 minutes you realize a dollar could have been better spent.

My Holiday Music?

The fire is nice, but I'd be happier if I could listen to my own holiday music. I tried to, but the app overrides the iPod function. Which seems silly. Can a future version please let me listen to my own tunes?

So Relaxing

I really like it, its so relaxing. The music is great. The sound of the fireplace is perfect. Definately worth the buck. The only thing I would add is being able to watch it on tv. You can listen to the music and fireplace, but you cant see the fire place on the tv. Other than that it is perfect.

5 Stars 

This app is definitely worth it. I'm sitting here right now with it on while studying for finals. 

I love it

It's worth a dollar! I read that the music was lame but I DISAGREE. I think the music is relaxing and just right. I like this simple little app. Very nice job!! The only thing in the future would be nice to change the fireplace or even better to decorate it yourself.

It's OK

This app is nice to look at but the music is slightly lame.

Not so hot

I just wasn't pleased. The fireplace couldn't be changed and the fire is too small on the screen. The fireplace popping sounds are too loud and too frequent and disrupt the music, which is not that great anyway. The song selection is pretty good.

Sleep timer

It will be nice if we can set a sleep timer.

Worth a dollar!

Had my doubts, but this app is pretty cool! I wish you could change out the decorations or put up more Christmas lights, but all in all well worth the buck! Great music, and the fire is hypnotic! I just want to be able to decorate my fireplace my way. 

Soothing and Peaceful

I love the music. And with Fireplace, Crackling sound and Christmas music.... WOW! Very nice... To make it prefect... Add more songs and a timer so you could go to sleep with it... or just waiting for Santa......

needs work

Someone wrote and said you can touch things in the background and see what happens. Nothing happens! Needs something more, I'm disappointed, sorry.


Nice! I love the Christmas tracks.....its like getting a whole Christmas CD for les than a $1 !!!

Cute but...

Could you make the fire more realistic And less cartoonish? Also I think you should have more than 3 songs.


Fun to play with

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